Q & A with Diana Yang, The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine @ The California Institute of Integral Studies

Recently my graduate alma mater, the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, did a Q and A with me about internet and gaming addiction in my private practice. Special thanks to Rachele Lam. See the full interview here.

Pro Bono Acupuncture for Internet Addiction

Limbic Acupuncture is currently looking for a few volunteers for our pro bono acupuncture program. These will be used for educational case studies as well as publications. All information will be kept confidential. Accepting all ages. Contact us at 415.236.2427 if interested! Thank you.

Can Acupuncture Help with Internet and Video Game Addiction?

 By Diana Yang. Originally published on Read the complete article here


"How Does Acupuncture Help Video Game Recovery?

A study done in 2009 at Chengdu University on the improvement rate of Internet Addiction Disorder showed that acupuncture paired with psychotherapy had 91.3% improvement, versus 59.1% from psychotherapy alone 8 .

Quitting video games is already hard enough. With acupuncture, the chance of improvement goes from nearly half to nearly 100%."

Read the complete article here